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March 2016

Cover photo Not Just for Summer

Portugal: It’s Not Just For Summer!

It was over the Easter weekend that the clocks went forward and days were seemingly longer. It has started to feel like Spring in Portugal! Even though Portugal’s sunny and hot…

Nossa Senhora da Oliveira azulejos

A Secret Little Chapel

I chanced upon a little chapel whilst walking along the Rua de S. Julião in downtown Lisbon and felt it would be a fitting Easter post for the blog. You…

IWC 3714

The Luxury Swiss Watches with a Portuguese Name

Despite Portugal's important maritime history, it was neither Vasco da Gama nor Bartolomeu Dias nor Fernão de Magalhães (Magellan) who inspired a modern-day nautical watch with a 77-year history. Rather,…

Amendoas de Pascoa

Bite-Sized Portuguese Easter Treats

Easter is a week away and I'm particularly excited about the food! I've already started stock-piling amêndoas de Páscoa (Portuguese Easter almonds). It's common for people to offer each other…


Remembering Those Who Fought

Nestled between the famous Torre de Belém and the Fundação Champalimaud/Darwin's Café lies a monument called the Monumento aos Combatentes do Ultramar. In many ways, it is comparable to the…

Gulbenkian Institute

The Smallest World-Class Museum

Perhaps you have never heard of a man called Calouste Gulbenkian, but almost everyone in Portugal has. Why is this Brit of Armenian origin such a household name in a…