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May 2016

Featured image airport arrivals

Arriving at Lisbon Airport?

I had previously gone over the (relative) perks of being stuck at Lisbon Airport, but what can you expect when you first land in Portugal's main airport? Here is Lisbon…

Bastardo interior

The Most Wanted Bastard in Lisbon

I had heard rumors of a restaurant whose name literally means bastard. I knew it was in downtown Lisbon and that they had a pretty Instagram account that I avidly followed.…

Queima Coimbra 1944
Miscellaneous, Travel

Ribbon-Burning Street Parties

If you're lucky enough to be in Portugal in May, you may find yourself watching people burn different colored ribbons in a large, black chamber-pot. Lucky for two reasons: 1)…

Maria Granel - cocoa
Food, Shopping

Healthy Eating, Happy Shopping

  I love unexpected finds almost as much as I love food. Recently, these two loves came together in the form of a store called Maria Granel. Let me tell…