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May 2017

Bermuda Portuguese flag

Portuguese Heritage in Bermuda

  I just came back from a long weekend in beautiful Bermuda. What I thought might actually be a forced break from blogging, ended up being content for a new…

Aveiro buildings

Aveiro: Portugal’s Art Nouveau Capital

  If you’re planning to visit northern Portugal, Aveiro is one of those really unique cities that keeps tourists coming back over and over again. It has salt ponds that…

pastéis de nata

A Cheat’s Recipe for Pastéis de Nata

  Everyone who visits Portugal inevitably tries a pastel de nata, Portugal’s most famous treat. Its crunchy shell and sweet, creamy filling steals the heart of many a tourist (and…


100 Years Ago: The Miracle of Fátima

  Regardless of your religious beliefs, tomorrow is a special day in Portugal. It will be the 100th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady of Fátima. Pope Francis…

Queijadas de leite Maria Lawton

Meeting The Famous Azorean Green Bean

  You know how, in movies, there’s always a character who seems to make banquets appear out of thin air for people? One minute, unexpected guests arrive in the middle…