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Algarve treats

Algarve Treats to Make Your Summer Sweet

  The Algarve is known for its sunny weather, delicious almonds, and – above all – its beaches! But all Portuguese people know that when you go down to the…

cesto de pão

A Guide to Portuguese Bread

  A big culture shock for Portuguese people who move abroad is the relationship we have with bread back home compared to other countries. In Portugal, bread is a ritual,…

Padaria São Roque interior
Food, Travel

A Gorgeous Secret Bakery in Lisbon

  I’m still surprised by the number of people who have never been to a stunning bakery/café in Lisbon called Padaria São Roque. Nestled between Príncipe Real and Bairro Alto,…

pastéis de nata

A Cheat’s Recipe for Pastéis de Nata

  Everyone who visits Portugal inevitably tries a pastel de nata, Portugal’s most famous treat. Its crunchy shell and sweet, creamy filling steals the heart of many a tourist (and…

Queijadas de leite Maria Lawton

Meeting The Famous Azorean Green Bean

  You know how, in movies, there’s always a character who seems to make banquets appear out of thin air for people? One minute, unexpected guests arrive in the middle…