Chocoholics: Proceed With Caution

Chocolataria Equador bar

Hi. My name is Catarina and I’m a chocoholic. For those of you who share my passion for (read: addiction to) chocolate, I have exciting news! Chocolataria Equador, with stores in Lisbon and Porto, has beautiful and delicious chocolates. I had to check out the Chocolataria Equador because, to quote Oscar Wilde, “the only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it”.

It’s a chocolate-lover’s dream to be surrounded by artisanal chocolates in myriad flavors. But what I love about this place is not only the deliciously smooth and heavenly chocolate, it’s the entire ambiance. Equador manages to create a boutique feel to their store, without being pretentious. Everything is displayed carefully and beautifully, from the pyramids of chocolate sticks to the truffles in glass cases. The rows of chocolate bars – each with its own unique wrapper – are, in fact, miniature works of art. There’s even a little bar at the end for you to enjoy a hot chocolate. I get it: sometimes you need your chocolate fix now.

Lovely chocolates - Chocolataria Equador


Rows of chocolate bars - Chocolataria Equador

Oh my goodness! They’re (almost) too beautiful to eat!

Chocolataria Equador’s chocolates are made in Portugal (horray! Bonus points!) by Portuguese chocolatiers (more bonus points). In my eyes, this makes them very special indeed! They manage to integrate traditional elements into their products, such as the typical chocolate umbrellas, which remind all Portuguese people of their childhood. The beautiful wrappers all have a “vintage Portugal” feel about them, from by-gone days when chocolate was a treat, not a daily staple in people’s diets. And that’s what this place is all about: appreciating these treats.


Chocolate heaven - Chocolataria Equador

Can I take them all home?

They also incorporate some authentic Portuguese flavors such as Port wine, fig, sour cherry and passion fruit into their chocolates. Are you drooling yet? They’re currently creating a new flavor in partnership with Livraria Lello – arguably the most famous book store in the country – for their “Livros & Chocolates” (Books & Chocolates) series. Books AND chocolates?! I need these in my life…


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If you love chocolate, but especially if you appreciate good chocolate, don’t hesitate: head over to Chocolataria Equador. Life’s too short to not enjoy these delicious treats. And if you’re lucky enough to visit one of these stores, don’t forget to buy gifts for your friends. They will love you. Feel free to send some my way – I will love you too.


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