The Foodie’s Tour of Lisbon

Breakfast with Portugal on a Plate

I love it when people take something fun and combine it with other fun things to make an ultimate fun thing. This is exactly what the founders of Portugal on a Plate, a new company offering unique tours of Lisbon, have created. They have managed to combine three of my favorite activities: walking, learning and eating. If you’re a foodie (or merely need a cultural justification to eat) keep reading, and be sure to take advantage of the special offer below.

Posta bacalhau Portugal on a Plate

Learning about local food with Portugal on a Plate

Pedro and Franziska are the clever duo (and lovely people) behind Portugal on a Plate. Their passion for Portuguese food is evident from talking to them, and it is what led them to design this unique tour concept. You are guided around the “off the beaten tracks” streets of Lisbon (some of which I wasn’t even familiar with), stopping along the way to sample traditional Portuguese food, whilst your guide explains how the food you’re eating is relevant to Portuguese history and culture. Everyone knows that cod is a staple food in Portugal – but do you know why? Or how it’s prepared? You’ll be surprised by the influences Portuguese cuisine has had on the rest of the world and vice-versa. Not only will you leave the tour with a full stomach and a smile on your face, you’ll also have a completely new understanding of Portuguese food, making the rest of your meals in the country much more meaningful.

Sardinhas - Portugal on a Plate

After learning all about canned sardines, you may be tempted to take some home

Mercado Portugal on a Plate

Franziska at the market

There are two leisurely walks to choose from: morning (3 hours long) and evening (4 hours long). The former introduces you to breakfast, market life and lunch, and the latter focuses on dinner, petiscos (Portuguese tapas) and wines. The morning tour shows you the beautiful bright colors of Lisbon in the daytime; the evening tour reveals the city’s serenity at twilight. Clearly, the only wrong choice is not going at all.

Arroz de Marisco

Arroz de Marisco – one of the delights that you will get to sample on your walk

Whilst Portugal on a Plate tours are run in English, they can accommodate other languages if you reach out to them. They also offer private tours for small groups up to 10 people. What’s better than going on a lovely walk and eating delicious food? Enjoying it with your friends. (I hope my friends reading this post take a hint and organize such a group walk for my birthday.)

Sonhos Portugal on a Plate

Oh hello, you tempting little thing…

I’m so excited to be the first blogger to divulge this secret to the wider audience – although, given the concept of Portugal on a Plate, I certainly won’t be the last! To commemorate, if you book a tour with Portugal on a Plate you’ll get 10% off the price by using the following code when booking: PortugueseAffair.

Tremoços Portugal on a Plate

Ever tried tremoços?

Follow Portugal on a Plate on Twitter and Facebook and visit their website to book your walk.

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