Portuguese Hats and Pencils in Your Hotel Room

Ever Business Hotel Viarco

I’ve mentioned before that the city of São João da Madeira is known for its significant contributions to Portuguese economy (despite its population not quite reaching 22,000), as well as international prestige for its world-class products.  The Ever Business Hotel in that city has celebrated these accomplishments with a creative new concept: it reached out to businesses headquartered in São João da Madeira to each design a room in its hotel. 

Eight of its 117 rooms now have themes directly related to local industries. I love that each room is unique and represents a key business that is not only a source of income to locals, but of Portuguese pride abroad. The end result? Boutique hotel-style rooms in an unexpected location.

The room in the title image is designed by Viarco, the only pencil company in Portugal that is rapidly gaining a reputation abroad. I’m actually in love with that wall: it’s fun, chic and would be perfect in my office. (I hope the decorator responsible for this room is reading this.) The room below is, quite clearly, created by the Museu da Chapelaria: a hat museum that celebrates the city’s most famous product. Fun fact: Johnny Depp loves wearing hats made in Portugal! Other businesses to have themed rooms at the hotel are Cortadoria Nacional do Pêlo, Fepsa, Helsar, Evereste and HelioTêxtil.

Ever Business Hotel Chapeus

Magritte meets Portuguese design in the room designed by the Hat Museum

I’m so inspired by the way this small city celebrates its heritage and contributions to Portuguese culture and economy. No matter how big or small you are, do your job well and you can hold your head high – your achievements will be recognized!

All photos courtesy of Andre Gouveia/Global Images.

Ever São João da Madeira – Business Hotel
Rua Adelino Amaro da Costa, 573 , S. João da Madeira, 3700-023  Tel: +351 256 106 700.

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