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Maria Granel - cocoa

I love unexpected finds almost as much as I love food. Recently, these two loves came together in the form of a store called Maria Granel. Let me tell you just why I fell for its charms so you can fall for them too.

Let’s start with first impressions: the storefront is subtle and simple, but oh so cute! (When it comes to food, is there anything more adorable than covered jars?) It catches your attention and draws you inside. That’s when it surprises you with the variety of foods on offer.


Maria Granel - storefront

Of course this store has a beautifully simple window display

If it’s your first time and you’re not sure what to expect, you will intrigued by the concept: it’s a bulk foods store where you either bring your own bag/container or use one of their brown paper bags. Much like in a candy store, you’re captivated by the colors and want to explore the wide array of organic and health food products (even if that isn’t usually the type of thing you normally enjoy).


Maria Granel - inside

Cashews? Dried bananas? Almonds? I’ll just take a little bit of everything please.

Recipe books and vintage-style scales are dotted around the store, which is lined with wall-to-wall glass containers filled with teas, nuts, dried fruits, cocoa powder, various types of flours, spices, herbs, mushrooms, seeds, candies, coffee… you name it. It’s essentially an olden-day “general store” or “grocer”, with a key 21st century element: a focus on environmental sustainability.


Maria Granel - teas

A beautiful store with quality products

The simplicity of the décor and the concept are charming, to say the least. When was the last time you went to someone’s house for dinner and, instead of taking a bottle of wine, you offered them a variety of specially-chosen teas and coffees or healthy snacks? I’m sure your friends and family will appreciate these unique and thoughtful gifts. I know I would!


Maria Granel

Maria Granel has some naughty truffles right at the counter – oh, the temptation!



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