The Prettiest Shop in Funchal

Made in Madeira store

It’s that age-old dilemma: you want to buy souvenirs on your wonderful vacation, but you don’t want to get anything tacky. And there are a LOT of tacky things out there. So you can imagine my delight when I discovered Made in Madeira, a gift store in Funchal that made me want to take everything home. But it wasn’t your average gift store, it had some pleasant surprises waiting inside…


Made in Madeira

Everywhere you look, beautiful things

Here are three reasons why Made in Madeira is a mandatory stop for you on your trip to Funchal:

1) When you step inside, your eyes are captivated by all the different items on display. The vintage articles scattered throughout the store add a charming sense of history and contribute to the meaningful nature of the store: it isn’t merely a souvenir shop, it’s a reflection of Madeira’s past and present. The inside is an interior decorator’s dream. The mix of colors and array of items may seem eclectic, but it’s thoroughly planned. It’s easy to spend a great deal of time admiring not only the decor but all the different things you can take home with you. It has everything: clothing and accessories, decorative home goods, traditional Madeira wicker items, food, soaps – you name it!


Made in Madeira wall

Vintage pieces on display


Made in Madeira chocolate, tshirts, trinkets

Don’t forget to look down or you’ll miss things!


Traditional wicker pieces

Traditional wicker – a dying art in Madeira. Portuguese kids’ lunch boxes looked like the ones on the right


Made in Madeira - treats

A delectable selection of local treats to choose from

2) When you’re new to a country and unfamiliar with local food and drink, you’re not really sure where to begin. Made in Madeira came up with the brilliant idea to sample local delicacies in-store so you can decide which ones to take back. You are able to enjoy a glass of Madeira wine for a few euros or sample a slice of the traditional honey cake, bolo de mel. If you like what you try, you can buy the entire bottle/cake/etc. to take home with you. There’s a charming little coffee area inside, so you can get your caffeine fix as you shop. This is a store that clearly understands what its customers need.


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Made in Madeira cafe

Shopping can be tiring – get your caffeine boost at Made in Madeira

3) Just when I thought I couldn’t be more infatuated with this place, I wandered downstairs to the restaurant, where I was told they do tastings if you call in advance to book a place. In case you’re new to this blog, tastings and food are my favorite hobby. The menu at Made in Madeira is subject to change but you can sample local wines, and Madeiran petisco-style delicacies (petiscos are Portuguese tapas). You can select from 3 different options, depending on how much time and money you want to spend – but even the priciest option is very affordable.


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Now go discover Made in Madeira for yourself. I know you’ll love it as much as I do.


Made in Madeira cabinet

A cabinet of goodies

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