So Much More Than Wine

More Than Wine - tiles and souvenirs

Last month, I wrote a post on the LX Factory in Lisbon, which has countless shops, restaurants, galleries and work spaces. Today, I wanted to introduce you to one shop in particular that I found there which stole my heart. It’s called More Than Wine and it really is so much more than wine…
More Than Wine storefront

The outside is covered in green plants but you can tell it’s there by the giant Portuguese galo de Barcelos (Barcelos rooster) hanging out by the door. If that doesn’t immediately give away what’s inside, the chalk drawing of Fernando Pessoa, one of Portugal’s most famous writers, certainly offers another clue. As you step in and are met with colored sardines hanging on the wall, you know… you’re in for some serious Portuguese overload. Or, as I like to call it, “home sweet home” galore!

More Than Wine - sardines

More Than Wine cafe

Obviously, I love Portuguese things. But I’ve also stated on several occasions that merchandise needs to be presented properly. More Than Wine isn’t a large store, but it’s a charming store with tasteful style. Finding appealing decor without detracting from your products is practically an art form. More Than Wine manages to achieve this balance wonderfully.

More Than Wine - souvenirs


More Than Wine - liqueurs and jams

That’s jam in those paint tubes and liqueur in the test tubes at the front


More Than Wine - sardine cans

How beautiful are these sardine cans?

What else do I love about this shop? Well, it has quality products ranging from wines, to jams, to tableware. Yes, it is mostly wine and food-focused, but when has that been a bad thing? For my readers who find shopping a little tiring, More Than Wine offers a solution. You can sit down at one of their tables and enjoy a glass of wine or a ginja de Óbidos (a type of Portuguese cherry liqueur) while you decide just how many beautiful sardine cans you plan to take back with you. Because, when you visit Portugal, you have to take home “more than wine”…

More Than Wine - wine and sardines

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