Sock Season Is Officially Here

Socks - Pedemeia

The weather is getting cooler and it’s starting to rain. Welcome to socks & boots season! Even though I advocate trips to Portugal at any season, you should still understand that Portugal does have 4 seasons and you probably won’t be wearing flip-flops in November. But if you forget to pack socks, have no fear, Pedemeia is here!


Baby socks at Pedemeia

The baby socks are too cute!

Pedemeia is a Portuguese brand dating back to 1966, even though the company behind it began several decades earlier. Today, there are 26 Pedemeia shops in Portugal and Spain with socks for men, women and children. All of them are beautifully decorated with the colorful items on display. It’s actually impossible to not smile when you’re surrounded by such fun colors.


Men's socks - Pedemeia

There are socks for men, women and kids

I never thought I’d get so much enjoyment out of sock shopping until I went to Pedemeia (maybe I’m getting old?). The socks come in over 20 colors and lots of classic and fun prints, so you can always find the exact pair you’re looking for. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll go into a Pedemeia shop looking for something specific and come out with several other unexpected finds. From cute summer pop socks to woolly over-the-knees, you can find whatever you need – and more – at Pedemeia. Best of all, the socks and tights are all made in Portugal, so you know they’ll last. Sounds expensive? You’d be wrong. A pair of socks starts at €2.50, but average around €4-5, depending on the materials and length.


New socks from Pedemeia

What I brought home on my last trip to Pedemeia

Let’s be really honest with ourselves: who doesn’t love putting on a brand new pair of socks? It’s one of life’s simple pleasures, kind of like getting into a bed with fresh sheets. You can imagine my enthusiasm when I last went to Pedemeia and came back with 5 new pairs of socks! I can’t wait to go back at Christmas time and get some extra warm woolly socks for the cold and snowy winter. Maybe I’ll see you there too?


Colorful socks at Pedemeia

So many choices!

For those of you who can’t make it to Portugal, but love these photos, have a look at the Pedemeia website.

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