The Most Scenic Market in Lisbon

Mercado CCB soaps

If you happen to stroll through one of the most iconic locations in all of Lisbon on the first Sunday of the month, you may inadvertently stumble upon a market where you’ll find an array of quality items for you and your home. Join me as I take you on an insider’s view of this charming market and its delightful surprises.

Belém is well-known for its riverside historical monuments, its gardens, an enormous monastery and the tasty Pastéis de Belém. It is also home to the Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB), an exhibition center/concert hall/art museum, which is where this monthly market takes place.

What is truly unique about this market is that is has a little bit of everything: it’s neither a food market, an antiques market or a crafts market, but a combination of all three. In fact, it’s a popular one-stop shop for gifts (which is why there are two markets in December).

Mercado CCB plants

Amongst pretty antiques, you’ll find artisanal jams and seasonal fruits and vegetables. You’ll discover reclaimed wood, old vinyl records and glass bottles that have been repurposed into fun, decorative items for your home. As you admire woolen sweaters, you’ll spot wood-oven baked bread from the corner of your eye (which, you remember, will be delicious with that floral honey you spotted 10 minutes earlier). Your attention will be captivated by brightly-colored jewelry and handmade wicker baskets. And if you’re anything like me, your ambivalence towards spending your money on fragrant soaps or purchasing delicious cakes, will result in the satisfying decision to get both.

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The Mercado do CCB is a fun experience: you discover a variety of Portuguese products in a beautiful location with incredible views of historical riverside monuments. If you happen to be around on one of the dates below, do yourself a favor and stop in.

Dates for upcoming markets:
6 March / 3, 23 & 24 April / 1 May / 5 June / 3 July / 7 August / 4 September / 2 October / 6 November / 4 & 18 December

Have you been to the Mercado do CCB? What’s your favorite stall?


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