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February 2016

Fundacao Champalimaud

Beauty & Brains

My readers know that I constantly rave about Portugal's delicious food, wonderful weather and beautiful sights (oh look, I did it again!). But there's more to Portugal than the hedonist's…

Flaming chourico

Chouriço is not from Spain!

I get very frustrated sometimes when I talk about one of my favorite foods from Portugal, chouriço, and get questioned - or worse, corrected! - about it being Spanish. To…

Mercado CCB soaps
Shopping, Travel

The Most Scenic Market in Lisbon

If you happen to stroll through one of the most iconic locations in all of Lisbon on the first Sunday of the month, you may inadvertently stumble upon a market…

Lisboa electrico

An Ambassador in Portugal

I absolutely love getting foreigners' perspectives on Portugal (for better or worse!). So when I saw an article written by Alex Ellis, former British Ambassador to Portugal, at the end…

Exterior Palacio Estoril 2

The Hotel of Spies and Kings

The Palácio Estoril Hotel is, without doubt, one of the most historical hotels in the world: quite a feat for a hotel that is not even 86 years old! Originally…

Lisboa elevador

Your Easy Peasy Portuguesey Phrase Book

By now, I hope to have convinced you to visit Portugal. If so, you will be wondering how, without knowing any Portuguese, you'll get around all the sights and try…