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The Portuguese Drinks You Need to Know

Portugal’s wines and ports are world-renowned and you can even find Portuguese beers abroad. But there are some lesser-known alcoholic drinks that, for some reason, haven’t quite made it internationally……

Poca D. Beija 2

Bathing in the Pool of Youth

My journeys around Portugal took me to a place in the Azorean island of São Miguel known as the Pool of Youth or the Pool of Paradise. Sounds suspiciously like…

Lagoa das Sete Cidades

A Little Paradise in the Atlantic Ocean  

In the middle of the Atlantic lies a fairly unknown treasure: the Azores (Açores) archipelago. It is composed of nine volcanic islands, each with its own topography, traditions and traits.…


Tea for You & Tea for Me

As winter approaches and the weather gets colder – except in Portugal, where the Indian summer this year seems to last indefinitely – I rediscover my tea habit (read: addiction). You…

São Miguel

Hiking to a Waterfall in São Miguel, Azores

If you’ve never been to Azores (Açores in Portuguese), then I highly recommend you start planning your trip. I often describe the Azores as Portugal’s version of Hawaii – an…