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Cod Pataniscas

Recipe for Pataniscas: Portuguese Cod Fritters

Everyone knows cod is Portugal’s national food, but pinpointing an exact “national dish” is a challenge because Portuguese people have 365 ways of cooking this type of fish. Even if…

Bolo de Bolacha

The Easy Peasy Portuguese-y Bolo de Bolacha

  Cakes have always been extremely popular on special occasions and celebrations in Portugal: orange, lemon, and other fruit cakes are just some of the traditional flavors. Breaking from this…

Frango à Brás

A Meat Lover’s Take on a Traditional Cod Dish

  Bacalhau (cod) is generally considered to be Portugal’s traditional “dish”, even though Portuguese people have 365 different ways of cooking this beloved fish. Visitors to Portugal are usually eager…

Chocolate salami

Love at First Bite: Chocolate Salami

  I found out that yesterday was World Chocolate Day (and proceeded to celebrate accordingly). And whilst I consider Chocolate Day to be every day, I couldn’t let this celebration…

pastéis de nata

A Cheat’s Recipe for Pastéis de Nata

  Everyone who visits Portugal inevitably tries a pastel de nata, Portugal’s most famous treat. Its crunchy shell and sweet, creamy filling steals the heart of many a tourist (and…

Baba de camelo step 6

Easy Weekend Recipe: Baba de Camelo

  Even if you’re not fluent in Portuguese, you may certainly recognize the word “camel” in “camelo”. That’s because the name of this dessert literally translates to “camel drool”. But…