Artistic Rebirth at LX Factory

LX Factory sign

I absolutely love all the exciting, new transformations happening in Lisbon at the moment and for the last decade or so. There is a marked shift towards embracing the past – in architecture, decor, or products – and bringing its essence into the 21st century. It is rare to find a place so exemplary of this shift than the LX Factory in Lisbon. It has transformed from an abandoned manufacturing space in 2008 to a bustling, trendy location where the cool kids go.


Food at LX Factory

So nice to sit here and take a break


Portuguese treats LX Factory

A lovely store where you can find Portuguese treats


Pallets at LX Factory

Sitting on some converted wood pallets whilst enjoying some LXeese cake

If you were to visit the LX Factory (pronounced “el-sheesh”) you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a really hip part of Brooklyn or Tribeca. You walk beneath the large sign and are faced with a colorful outdoor seating area. You then look down a stretch of red brick buildings on one side and a long row of beige walls on the other.


Offices LX Factory

Authentic loft office spaces


Toys LX Factory

Because sometimes you just want entertainment on the walls of buildings

Cafés, restaurants, shops and art galleries line the street. Upstairs, there are countless (often shared) office spaces that you can reach through industrial-size freight elevators. Many of the 150 or so businesses that operate there are in creative services such as photography, design and marketing. And with such an array of food options just below for lunch, it’s certainly an appealing place to work.


Pizzeria at LX Factory

This pizzeria has some cool vintage barber chairs


Door at LX Factory

Exploring what’s inside


Bee at LX Factory

Giant bee art – why not?


Art gallery at LX Factory

Art gallery

The versatility of the space makes it a prime location for evening live music performances and weekend street fairs and workshops. You could spend several hours just walking around, sampling various foods and exploring the unique stores – you can even get a tattoo, if you wish! That’s LX Factory for you!


LX Factory bridge

This is where you will find the LX Factory

Address: Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, 1300 Lisboa

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