Statue of Viriato Viseu

Viriato: Portugal’s Legendary Bad-Ass

  My recent trip to Viseu brought back to mind one of Portugal’s greatest legendary figures. Viriato (Viriathus, in English) is usually the first historical figure Portuguese children learn about…

Batalha Monastery

Fun Facts About the Mosteiro da Batalha

  Construction on the Mosteiro da Batalha (Batalha Monastery) began in 1386 and would only finish in 1563. But there’s something to be said about the craftsmanship that went into…

Cod Pataniscas

Recipe for Pataniscas: Portuguese Cod Fritters

Everyone knows cod is Portugal’s national food, but pinpointing an exact “national dish” is a challenge because Portuguese people have 365 ways of cooking this type of fish. Even if…