Catarina & The Custard Tart Factory

Fábrica da Nata - tart making

I didn’t win a golden ticket… but I sure felt like it when I stumbled upon the Cream Custard Tart Factory (Fábrica da Nata). This new store just opened up last month in the Praça dos Restauradores in downtown Lisbon – and it sure it pretty!


Fábrica da Nata - window

Fábrica da Nata’s adorable window display


Even though it is located directly opposite the gorgeous Eden building, the window display still managed to catch my attention. It reminded me of a modern Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory – you can’t help but be mesmerized by the moving custard tarts on tracks. I couldn’t walk by without peeking inside to see what this factory/café was all about. I wasn’t disappointed!

Fábrica da Nata

Moving trays above your head

The walls are covered with azulejo tiles and old, oversized photos of Lisbon. I didn’t know whether I should be admiring the mosaic floors or the gorgeous lighting on the ceiling. But what really grabs you as you come in, is the custard tarts being made… by the tray! The bakers there make it seem easy, but if you’ve ever tried to make these at home, you’ll know that’s definitely not true! And for the price of €1, you can sample a freshly baked tart then and there. If you decide watching the trays of tarts roll on tracks above your head (yes, this happens) is worth hanging around for a bit, have a seat and enjoy a drink or some food.

Fábrica da Nata - unbaked tarts

Fábrica da Nata – the tarts waiting to be baked

Aside from dozens of pastéis de nata, the Fábrica da Nata also serves sandwiches (which looked extremely tempting!), salads and soup. As with any respectable café in Portugal, they also serve salgados, which are typical fried starters filled with meat, shrimp or cod. A variety of soft drinks and wine are available, so it’s a really cute and quirky place for lunch. And if you’re lucky enough to not need a coffee after your meal, you can opt for a small glass of port, ginja de Óbidos or Portuguese aguardente if you’re feeling adventurous!

Video c/o Zomato & Fábrica da Nata

Address: Fábrica da Nata, Praça dos Restauradores, 62/68, Lisboa


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