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September 2016

Lanche - 1

It’s Lanche, not Lunch. And It’s Amazing!

  Portuguese lanche (pronounced: lun’-sh) is my favorite meal of the day. Although the word lanche comes from the English lunch, it is actually a completely different meal. Lanche is…

Giraffes at Badoca Safari Park

Going on Safari in… Portugal?

  I know my blog has a tendency to rave about Portugal and perhaps my readers will wonder whether I exaggerate some of the posts… especially when they read titles…

Chocolataria Equador bar
Food, Shopping

Chocoholics: Proceed With Caution

  Hi. My name is Catarina and I’m a chocoholic. For those of you who share my passion for (read: addiction to) chocolate, I have exciting news! Chocolataria Equador, with…

More Than Wine - tiles and souvenirs

So Much More Than Wine

Last month, I wrote a post on the LX Factory in Lisbon, which has countless shops, restaurants, galleries and work spaces. Today, I wanted to introduce you to one shop…


Your New Favorite Cocktail: The Caipirão

  Please post your thank yous in the comments section below. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m just about to introduce you to your new favorite cocktail: the caipirão!…