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November 2016


Nazaré’s Giant Waves

  Living in a country where the majority of people know little to nothing about my beloved Portugal can be very frustrating at times, saddening at others and on the…

Ler Devagar

Read Slowly at Ler Devagar

  Ler Devagar, which means “read slowly”, is probably the most photographed bookstore in Lisbon. I couldn’t help but include a post on this beloved location.…

Roasted Portuguese Chestnuts

My Favorite Thing to Eat

  My favorite thing to eat isn’t a meal in itself, it’s actually a single ingredient: chestnuts. Chestnuts are in season right now and it just kills me that I’m…

Lost In Restaurant

Lost In… Lisbon

  This isn’t a post about getting lost in Lisbon; Lost In is the name of a restaurant in trendy Lisbon neighborhood, Príncipe Real. I had heard a lot of…

Statue of King Jose I

The 2016 Web Summit is in Lisbon

  For all those whose businesses rely on tech, the only place to be this week is in Lisbon. This year’s annual Web Summit is set in my beautiful hometown…