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February 2017

A Vida Portuguesa postcards

A Vida Portuguesa: Shopping in the 1950s

  It’s only natural to feel like you’re in another era when you walk down Lisbon’s baixa/downtown area. The trams, the old building façades and narrow streets are all evocative…

Almond Blossom by BeckyB (9)

How The Algarve Got Its Almond Trees

  Tourists in southern Portugal’s Algarve region will come across barrels of delicious almonds at markets and almond-based sweets at pastry shops and cafés. Almonds are everywhere! But because most…

Lapa set

A Gift for Forgetful People

  The coolest gift I got my parents this past Christmas was a set of Lapa bluetooth trackers. This company had been on my radar for several months now as…