A Portuguese Touch to Movember with Beard Up

Beard Up

November is just around the corner, and that means men all over the world will be abandoning their razors for the month in order to raise money and awareness of various male cancers. So how can you go the extra mile and show support for a man who will be taking part in this worthwhile cause? By getting him some specialty facial hair products that will make him look and smell awesome. I only recommend products I’ve tried and approved, so I actually enlisted my husband for some product testing so I could blog about it here.

Beard Up is one of those cool, small businesses that are taking over Portugal right now. What makes Beard Up different from other facial hair product brands is exactly what I admire about some of these new Portuguese brands. Firstly, they only use ingredients that are grown in Portugal. Not only that, they are all 100% organic and natural (because you don’t want any nasty chemicals on your mustache when you lick those drops of soup or sauce from your whiskers). Secondly, Beard Up’s products are all hand-made – and who doesn’t love that personal touch? Lastly, they do not test their products on animals, so you can rest assured the products you’re putting on your face are cruelty-free and only tested on willing, furry human subjects.


Beard Up oil

Simple, natural ingredients: no bad chemicals

So what Beard Up products can you get? Their beard oil comes in an old school glass container which you can control with drop-by-drop precision due to the eye dropper-style lid. The beard balm comes in a tin so you can simply rub a small amount between your hands and apply it to the facial hair. The oils come in various scents: Lavandula (lavender – and it smells awesome), Pinuptus (pine & eucalyptus – very earthy, Portuguese smells), Mentha (mint – so fresh and energizing in the morning), A.dora (sweet orange – again, very Portuguese and refreshing), and Woody Citrus (lemon and wood create a refreshing, yet manly scent). The beard balms come in complimentary scents to the oils: Lavandula, Eucalyptus, Menthol, A.dora, and Citrus.

Beard Up balm

Even though I couldn’t use these products on myself, there are two things that I can certainly appreciate: 1. the ultra-cool, vintage packaging, which I absolutely love (and why it makes such a fun gift); 2. the smell, which you don’t truly appreciate until you go near a beard and mustache that smell good. This is perfect for a man who greets women the Portuguese way: with kisses on both cheeks!

To get your hands on some Portuguese Movember goodies, contact Beard Up via their Instagram or Facebook accounts.

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