France-what?… Francesinhas, meaning “little Frenchie”, are probably the most well-known of Porto’s many culinary delights. A calorie-loaded and tricky sandwich to make, it’s well worth the €8.25 we paid for it at Lado B. Just look at this! What magical ingredients go into this tempting-looking meal, you ask?

Whilst every restaurant has its own specific ratio and technique, the francesinhas you see here contain: Portuguese steak, fresh sausage, a particular type of Portuguese smoked sausage called linguiça, ham, mortadella, cheese, bread and a delicious tomato & beer sauce. Lado B also gives you a fried egg on top (because, by this point, why not?) free of charge.

It was my American husband’s first time trying a francesinha and he barely spoke to me as he devoured the sandwich in record time. He paused only to breathe and to take sips of his pneu (another of Porto’s little delights: sparkling water, sugar and lemon served to you separately so you can make sparkling lemonade to your desired specifications). If I didn’t know how delicious the sandwich was, I would’ve been offended by the fact that he now only needed me to ask the waiter for extra sauce. Insider’s tip: if you want extra sauce, just ask – they give you more!

Great for a weekend brunch, hangover cure, or if you just need serious comfort food.
Terrible if you’re on a diet or vegetarian.

I’d love to read your comments below if you’ve had a francesinha or been to Lado B!

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