In Portugal, Godiva Means Shoes, Not Chocolate

Godiva shoes

Ok, so that’s not entirely true. We definitely have Godiva chocolates in Portugal. But Godiva is also synonymous with a brand that dates back to 1961. Godiva is known for its quality shoes which are, naturally, made in Portugal. Godiva shoes and hat stores are primarily found in Lisbon, but also in Madeira. And pretty soon, you’ll find a nice collection of them… in my closet.

I’ve only recently acquired my first pair of Godivas (these beautiful black ankle boots/shoes), even though I’ve passed its Avenida Duque d’Ávila and Centro Comercial Colombo stores on countless occasions. But I never bought a pair, until now (and actually, I still haven’t – they were a Christmas gift). Because I’m a huge fan of Portuguese shoes, I was very excited about this latest addition to my wardrobe. Godiva may not be the most affordable Portuguese brand of footwear but don’t worry, it also isn’t crazy expensive. These shoes are at that price point where I would consider them a treat. But what I love the most about the shoes is their timeless style.


Godiva shoe store

One of the Godiva shoe stores in Centro Comercial Colombo in Lisbon

And there’s more good news: they also make men’s shoes! And hats! So you can look stylish from your head to your toes. The hard part won’t be walking into a Godiva store and finding something you like, it’ll be deciding which pair of shoes you take home…


Godiva ankle boots

Do you love them too?

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