Wow! Portuguese Popsicles!

Uau popsicles

Although temperatures in Lisbon are still reaching 27 C (80 F), Fall will be upon Portugal soon enough. If you’re lucky enough to be there right now enjoying the warm sunshine, get yourself over to UAU for some artisanal popsicles.

UAU opened up earlier this year and quickly became one of the coolest (no pun intended) places in Lisbon… for some reason, my Instagram feed was filled with gorgeous UAU popsicles. Portugal is traditionally a gelato-style country, with very little in terms of popsicles. So when UAU (which means “wow” in Portuguese) came along, it was certainly a novelty. But part of its continued success is owed to its unique flavors and colorful, tempting displays.


Popsicle at UAU

Watermelon, lime & kiwi popsicle


UAU store

So many pretty popsicles. Which one to choose…?

There are 5 categories, each with its own assortment of flavors: Detox (vegetable-based), Gelado (milk-based), Sorvete (sorbet), Curioso (with unusual flavors such as beer, sea water and Maria biscuit) and Cocktail (with and without alcohol). Clearly, there’s something for everyone!

Located at the Lisbon docks (docas), with wonderful views right onto the river and bridge, and friendly service, UAU is a great location to eat – or simply to stop by for a popsicle and drink after your meal. UAU serves burgers and skewers (with vegetarian variations), which I have yet to try, but which sound delicious. Oh, and on weekends, you can have brunch there. All I can say is wow!… I mean, uau!


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