Vinho Verde: Your New Favorite Wine

I introduced my friend to vinho verde the other night and it was love at first sip. But the experience made me realize how unknown this type of wine is outside of Portugal. Here’s why I think it may become your new favorite go-to wine…

Before you start drinking, let’s get to know this type of wine a little bit so you can educate your fellow wine-lovers with some interesting information. Vinho Verde (pronounced: veenyo verd) means “green wine”, which really just means “young wine”. It comes in white, red or rosé varieties, all of which are produced in northern Portugal’s region between the Minho and the Douro rivers. It’s a light and refreshing wine, characterized by a light sparkle… kind of like the love child between a non-sparkling wine and a champagne. Some of the most common vinho verde varieties are Loureiro, Arinto, and Alvarinho.

Vinho verde bottles

So what is there to love about vinho verde?

The price: Overall, it’s a very affordable wine, which means you can still enjoy it the week before pay day. However, if you can get your hands on a pricier vinho verde, treat yourself.
It’s so drinkable: Fortunately (or unfortunately), it’s a wine that is very easy to drink and a lot of fun to drink. It’s especially delicious in summer after proper chilling. It pairs nicely with cheese and various types of food.
A little bit different: Because of its distinctive flavor, it’s the kind of wine that brings together pinot grigio drinkers and sauvignon blanc aficionados.

Now what you really want to know – where can you get it?
For my UK followers: Majestic Wines, Waitrose, Laithwaites, etc.
For my US followers: Your usual liquor stores, Trader Joe’s, Wegmans, etc.


Casal Garcia: one of the more easily-found (and more budget-friendly) brands of vinho verde abroad


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