August Jams

Doces portugueses

One of my favorite parts of summer, especially in Portugal, is the delicious fruit. Between the cherries, apricots, peaches, strawberries, oranges and everything else in season, it’s easy to come back from the market or store with more fruit than you can eat. The solution to this situation, and my favorite thing for August, is jam.

Jams and jellies in Portugal come under a variety of names: compotas, doces, and geleias. This traditional method of preserving fruits isn’t unique to Portugal. But what I particularly like about Portuguese jams is the huge array you can find, especially nowadays.

If you read my post on pumpkin jam, you’ll know Portuguese people make jam from just about anything: tomato is another traditional flavor you don’t find abroad as much. Fig is another delicious variety that is popular in Portugal. Nowadays, the crazy and delicious combinations of fruits (and fruit & nuts) you can find are simply incredible.

I’m going to be taking the wonderful fruits of summer and making my own jams. Watch this space for posts on the (successful) jam ventures and recipes that I will share with you. And please share your recipes with me too – I’m always looking for ideas.


Portuguese peaches

Fresh, organic peaches I picked. Peach jam, anyone?

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