A Bar Between Nature & the City

Inside Terraco do Marques

If you’ve ever visited Lisbon, you’ve almost certainly passed by or visited the Parque Eduardo VII. It’s a long stretch of tree-lined greenery, that is worthy of its own post, so I won’t go into it too much. Right at the bottom edge of the park, I discovered (okay, maybe I was taken to) a cute bar/restaurant where you can enjoy a drink and a meal.

On one side of the restaurant, you have the tree-lined park, on the other, you look down on a busy street which leads to a famous monument in Lisbon: the Marquês de Pombal statue. This statue looks out over the widest (and most expensive) street in Lisbon, Avenida da Liberdade. From the restaurant, between buildings, you can even spot the river in the distance.

View Bar Terraco do Marques

A seat with a view

It is called Terraço do Marquês and functions as both a bar and restaurant. Its minimalistic decor has a trendy, nautical feel featuring light-colored woods, walls and furniture, and sails that cover one of the two outdoor seating areas (there’s also a large indoor area). They’ve done a great job with the setting: it’s very picture-worthy and visually-appealing. And yet, it doesn’t clash with either the natural setting on one side, or the cityscape on the other.

Sails Bar Terraco do Marques

Protecting me from the sun were some cute sails

Bar Terraco do Marques

The Heineken bar at the end

Interior Bar Terraco do Marques

For those who prefer to be inside

Outside Terraco do Marques

For those who prefer the quiet of the park over the hustle and bustle of the city

Even though I only went for a quick drink on a warm afternoon, I had a peek at the menus, which included salads, pasta, fish and meat (so, really, something for everyone). The staff were friendly and I wish I’d gone at dinner time so I could have tried the food. Definitely something for next time!

If you’re ever in near the Marquês de Pombal statue, and are in the mood for a refreshment or meal with a view, go explore Terraço do Marquês for yourself… and please tell me how their bacalhau is.

Bar menu

What to have…?

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