A Little Café Spot in Viseu

Outside Pastelaria D. Duarte

It’s not difficult to find good food in Portugal. Breakfast, however, has traditionally been a low-key meal for Portuguese people, so tourists may not always be overly impressed with the breakfast options available to them outside their hotels. But I did stumble upon a cute little café in Viseu that may just satisfy your breakfast and lanche needs.

I discovered the Pastelaria D. Duarte by chance: I needed breakfast and I needed it now. Walking around the city as it was still waking up was lovely, but I felt it would be more enjoyable on a fuller stomach… The bakery/café was open and looked nice, so we went in. I liked it from the minute I stepped in. The décor was modern with oversized, exposed lightbulbs, but still featured some Portuguese elements, such as the big rocky walls reminiscent of traditional Portuguese homes in the area.

Decor Pastelaria D. Duarte

Lighting Pastelaria D. Duarte

We stopped here for breakfast, where we had a freshly squeezed orange juice, a coffee, and a torrada, a buttery Portuguese toast, typically served at breakfast. It was just what I needed to keep the “hanger” away. Because Pastelaria D. Duarte is a bakery as well as café, they make their own baked goods, including viriatos, a coconut and doce de ovos filled, V-shaped pastry typical of the city of Viseu.

Breakfast in Portugal

Because they make their own bread and baked goods, I think it would make a cute spot for afternoon lanche, although I didn’t get the chance to try it myself. Additionally, they offer some incredible “Portuguese” ice cream flavors such as requeijão cheese with pumpkin jam, pastel de nata, chestnut with port wine, and Madeiran banana, amongst others. (Drooling yet?)

Ice Cream Pastelaria D. Duarte

If you happen to be in the Praça Dom Duarte in Viseu on a sunny day, you can also enjoy the views and the food outside in the esplanada (outdoor seating area). Because of its central location, Pastelaria D. Duarte makes a convenient and affordable spot for a quick bite to eat, in the morning or afternoon.

Inside Pastelaria D. Duarte

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