Seven Hills: Not Your Average Souvenir Store

Seven Hills wall display

It’s not difficult to inadvertently fall into tourist traps when you’re visiting the touristy parts of Lisbon. Sadly, there are more tasteless shops with their tacky, made in China products than I care to acknowledge… but that shouldn’t dissuade you from trying to find some lovely things that accurately represent Portugal to take home for yourself or loved ones. One shop in downtown Lisbon that offers high quality items is Seven Hills. Here’s why I believe this boutique souvenir shop is precisely the kind of place you should be buying your souvenirs from.

Seven Hills shop window

Seven Hills store

Named after the seven hills on which Lisbon is supposedly built, Seven Hills may be small, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality gifts and foods. You may find brands here that you won’t find in other places, such as Da Silva Gaspar salt, which come in a variety of flavors and in gorgeous packaging – perfect for a gift!

Seven Hills salt

Seven Hills display

Aside from more unusual brands, you’ll find some classic Portuguese brand names such as Bordallo Pinheiro ceramics and Vista Alegre china. Seven Hills offers beautiful homeware, such as trays and boards made of Portuguese olive tree wood, carefully-crafted napkin rings, and towels and travel bags manufactured using traditional materials and techniques… amongst other little ornaments scattered throughout the displays.

Seven Hills Bordallo Pinheiro

If you’re looking for edible gifts, the store stocks fine olive oils, teas, and wines.

Seven Hills gourmet food

One aspect of this store you simply can’t ignore – and which makes it stand out from other shops – is the stylish decor. The floors are entirely made of calçada portuguesa, Portuguese pavement, which could not be more appropriate (or beautiful) for downtown Lisbon. You’ll find ornate azulejo tiles and modern wine box displays on the walls, which evoke popular Portuguese arts and food. Seven Hills manages to achieve a tasteful combination of traditional elements and modern decor.

Seven Hills azulejos

If you’re on the prowl for classy gifts to remembers your Portugal trip by, I recommend you stop by Seven Hills in downtown Lisbon. You’ll be so glad you ended up here and not a place full of trashy gifts that you’ll regret buying.

Seven Hills swallows

Location: Rua Aurea 199-201, Lisboa.

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  • Tony Russell
    October 10, 2017 at 11:51 am

    Thanks, it certainly looks inviting. I had the good fortune, just days before my departure, of discovering an “A Vida Portuguesa” store a few blocks north of Praza Martín Moniz in Lisbon and it was an affirmation of the quality, variety and productivity of the Portuguese artesanal sector.

  • melanie cheetham
    October 10, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Cannot find this shop website

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